12 October 2021

Small Hot Tubs for Smaller Garden Spaces


Small Hot Tubs for Smaller Garden Spaces

How do you get small hot tubs for smaller garden spaces? When most people think of a hot tub, they think of something that'll be a big addition to your home. For example, you might sacrifice a lot of your patio or even some of the land in your garden. However, you can benefit from hot tubs that don't take up too much space with many designs.

Small outdoor hot tubs are an ideal fit for smaller garden spaces. With a smaller design, you can fit your hot tub cleverly into part of your garden without taking up too much space around it. You could look for hot tubs that have square layouts, meaning you can fit them into corners more easily, or you could consider smaller options with fewer seats if space is at a premium. However, small hot tubs still make for a great investment.

At Jewel Hot Tubs, we supply and install hot tubs both big and small. And, with our two unique collections, you can pick out a square layout and a range of seating options to suit what you want. With a thermally efficient, compact design, our hot tubs are cost-effective while being incredibly comfortable. Get in touch today to find out more about our hot tubs!

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Square Small Hot Tubs

Many small hot tubs might be a little too small for your liking. In some cases, you could end up getting a Home Spa system where you have absolutely no space to move. Not only that, your Jacuzzi might still end up taking a lot of room up, especially if it has a more awkward circular shape. It’s why Jewel’s modern hot tubs have a square layout, reducing the size while increasing the space.

Our small square hot tubs have a flexible layout, meaning you can fit them into corners and smaller garden spaces around your home. Not only that, you get more internal room, as the sides don’t cut into the hot tub’s shape. Our square hot tubs also provide more seating options, as they’re efficient with the space they have. Because of this, you can be efficient with your smaller garden spaces.

Jewel’s small hot tubs also only make a small amount of noise. With our designs, you can benefit from whisper-quiet Jacuzzi systems that have some of the quietest pump systems on the market. Because of this, they’ll make no noise once the water is warm, allowing you to unwind and relax in peace. And, while you do, you won’t be taking up too much space in your garden.

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Small Hot Tubs Seating Options

Another way of picking out small hot tubs for smaller garden spaces is to choose a lower number of seats. With fewer seats, you’ll require a hot tub that isn’t as big, ideal for if space is at a premium. If you have a smaller family, then our Skyline model of hot tub could be ideal for you. It offers three ergonomic seats and recliner lounges that are contoured to your body shape for maximum comfort.

However, while the Skyline model is compact, that doesn’t mean you can’t have more seats. Our tightly packaged hot tubs can give you more seating options without taking up too much additional space. For example, the majority of models in our Infinity collection of hot tubs seat five while still maintaining a compact, square layout. As a result, you, your family and even guests can feel like you’re floating in the warm water.

Even if you want a hot tub for parties and gatherings, you’ll still get a design with a space-conscious layout from Jewel. Our Infinity 830 Premium & Luxury Home Spa systems can sit as many as twelve people, all while fitting into the corner of your garden. With Jewel, you have the choice to make your hot tub as large as you want. And, by choosing our small hot tubs, you’ll make a big difference.

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Small Hot Tubs from Jewel

At Jewel, we can make both small and big hot tubs for garden spaces of any size. Our range of outdoor hot tubs features twelve brilliant models from two distinct collections, meaning you’ll be spoilt for choice with us. Not only that, there are some benefits you won’t have to choose when you pick out one of our hot tubs. All of our designs have high-pressure jets, advanced temperature control systems and more as standard.

Because of this, our hot tubs are the perfect place to relax after a long day. You could be alone, with your family or even with friends at a party - our hot tubs can cater to everybody’s needs. We specifically engineer our builds to maximise your comfort, with ergonomic seating contoured to your body shape and soothing jets. However, they’re also strong, with 8-10mm thick shells and a no gap base to stop water getting in or leaking out.

By choosing Jewel, you could also save money on small hot tubs for smaller garden spaces. As a local installer in Surrey and Hampshire, we can offer reduced travel costs in these areas. You can even control how and when you pay for one of our Jacuzzi or Home Spa systems with our variety of finance options! You’ll be able to set a tailored payment plan for you, and you can buy before you pay as well.

Small Hot Tubs Prices

Find small hot tubs that make a big difference to your home when you choose Jewel!

You can get a free online quote for a hot tub of any size in minutes by using our innovative online tool. Not only that, you can learn more about our hot tubs by calling us on 01252 418 541 or sending us a message via our email address: info@jewelhottubs.co.uk!

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