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Want a luxurious hot tub experience without leaving your Ash Vale home. We have experience proving a range of luxury-at-home spa experiences, so you can enjoy the ultimate in wellness and relaxation. Our hot tubs offer Ash Vale customers a mix of comfort and compactness so you can enjoy a convenient escape from the stresses of everyday life. Use our online quoting engine to get a bespoke price on the right tub for your needs.

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Hot Tubs in Ash Vale

Destress at the end of the day or spice up your parties by adding a hot tub to your Ash Vale property. Sink into the warm water and let the jets flow around you with these at home spa solutions.

We are experience supplier and installers of hot tubs, so you can feel confident that you are investing in a premium product. Get in touch today with our friendly yet knowledgeable team today or use our online quoting engine to get a price on our hot tubs.

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long lasting Hot Tubs Ash Vale

 Long Lasting, Quality Hot Tubs

We only supply hot tubs that have been designed using premium products and modern manufacturing techniques. Our hot tubs have been manufactured using high grade acrylic and uPVC to ensure you enjoy a comfortable and durable product. Our hot tubs have been specially crafted to deliver years of performance with minimal maintenance.

We know cleanliness is a concern for our customers, which is why these tubs work hard to have clean and filtered water. The 100% filtration system is combined with ozone and silver ions systems to ensure the water is of the highest quality all year round.

At Jewel, we offer two unique types of hot tubs for our Ash Vale homeowners. Choose a product that fits in with your preferences, lifestyle, and available space.

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Oasis Hot Tubs

The Oasis Collection is expertly designed for maximum enjoyment with minimum operating costs. What makes this collection unique is its technically advanced control system for water temperature, filtration and cleanliness. Not only is this range practical, but its additional controls for music and lighting adjustments allow you to create the perfect ambience to destress, alone or with friends and family.

Oasis HE-570
5 persons
Product Details
HE-570 birdseye HE-570 side
Oasis HE-760
6 persons
Product Details
HE-760 top HE-760 side
Oasis RA-371
5 persons
Product Details
Ra-371 - top side view ra
3 persons
Product Details
RX-170 top RX-170 side
Oasis RX-562
6 persons
Product Details
RX-562 top RX-562 side
Oasis RX-570
5 persons
Product Details
RX-570 top side
Oasis RX-773
6 persons
Product Details
RX-773 top RX-773

Sunbeach Hot Tubs

Our superior Sunbeach Collection offers market leading energy efficiency alongside some of the quietest pump systems on the market. Our technically advanced range provides the highest levels of quality, comfort and aesthetics to deliver a truly luxurious experience.

Sunbeach DI-641DL
5 persons
Product Details
SB641DL top sideview SB641DL
Sunbeach LI-640L
5 persons
Product Details
SB640L top SB640L side
Sunbeach SB-343DL
6 persons
Product Details
Sunbeach SB-343DL top SB343DL side
Sunbeach SB-344S
5 persons
Product Details
SB344S top 344S
12 persons
Product Details
SB345S-LUX top SB345S-LUX side
Sunbeach SB-353L
6 persons
Product Details
sideview side
Sunbeach SB-354S
7 persons
Product Details
SB354S-top SB354S-top
Sunbeach SB-355L
5 persons
Product Details
SB355L top SB355Lside
Sunbeach SB-356DL
2 persons
Product Details
SB356DL - top SB356DL side
Sunbeach SB-366L
5 persons
Product Details
SB366L top SB366L side
Sunbeach SB-377S
7 persons
Product Details
SB377S top SB377S - side
Sunbeach SB-388DL
4 persons
Product Details
SB388DL SB388DL side
Sunbeach SB-415R
6+ persons
Product Details
SB415R top SB415R side
Sunbeach SB-633DL
5 persons
Product Details
SB-633DL SB-633DL
Sunbeach SL-639S
6 persons
Product Details
Sunbeach SL-639S top Sunbeach SL-639S side
Hot Tubs costs Ash Vale

Enhanced Space

A hot tub installation doesn’t have to take up too much space in your Ash Vale home. Space is at a premium for many of our customers, which is why our tubs feature a square layout. This keeps the design as compact as possible without compromising on internal space.

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Ultimate Comfort

Sit back and relax in our hot tubs at the end of a long day at work of gruelling sessions at the gym. Every design features ergonomic seating and recliner lounges for the ultimate in comfort. Every seat in the tub has been fitted to contour around your exact body shape. This is a perfect solution if you suffer from backaches or mobility issues.

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Control Your Hot Tub from Your Phone

You can control how your tub performs at a touch of the button. Manage temperatures, lighting and jet zones thanks to the intuitive user interface on our phone app. You won’t ever need to leave the blissful relaxation of our tubs when a setting needs to be changed.

jet spa Hot Tubs Ash Vale

Hydrotherapy Massaging Jets

All models in our line feature premium massage jets as standards. All out hot tubs feature outstanding hydrotherapy jets, which always work at high pressure. Easily screw the jets in and out, allowing to fully control the pressure whilst sitting in the tub.

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Peaceful Pumps

You’ll be able to peacefully relax inside your tub without worrying about annoying the neighbours with the noise. Every product in our line features pumps that make little to no noise.

Jewel Finance

We believe every Ash Vale customer should be able to access the relaxation of a good hot tub. That is why we offer a broad range of finance options. Our payment plans are tailored to you, so you can control how much you spend, how you spent it and when you spend it.

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Hot Tubs Prices Ash Vale

Use our innovative online quote generator to get a bespoke price on a new hot tub for your home. This costing tool is easy to use, works on all devices and comes with zero obligation.

If you have any further questions about our tubs please call our team on 01252 418 541 or send us a message via our email address:!

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